Thursday, 1 September 2016

After a couple of days of delays, mainly because of my computer playing up, I had to switch to using my laptop. I’ve got behind but what the heck does it matter? No!

Haven’t been doing much else apart from the blog website all week, so trying to get things in a logical order for the site – not easy for me!

So after exploring how it works I’m getting all wording content together first which is the time consuming bit. I know there will be several variations and rewrites. Just need to sort out a writing style I think.

Also, mustn’t jump around as I often do and that’s when it gets confusing. So word content first, then when happy with that I’ll start sourcing my images and remove the trial ones I’ve already put on the site.

We’re off to Dorset a week on Saturday so I’m hoping to get it to a satisfactory level before I go. I know this is going to be Version1 & Stage 1 now, as I’m enjoying it and thinking about where to go with it and I don’t think this one will be adquate. Well, we’ll see as we go.

Must get on with this content, I want it to read well and so a lot of changing till I’m happy with it. Might add a bit more later, but if not be back in a day or two.

Bye for now!