Sunday, 28 August 2016

blog tree trunk

It’s taking a bit longer than I thought navigating around WordPress and trialling different themes and settings. Just getting used to how it all works, slowly and bit by bit.

It was easier when I had a web designer doing the hard work for me and I just used to change the content, but those days are gone and I want to learn and enjoy putting it all together myself.

I will get there eventually, but still a way to go, as I want to produce a good, clean site about West Dorset and the Jurassic Coast for any visitors thinking of coming to Dorset.

Think its time for lunch, a nice caprese salad beckons. It’s a bit hot out there today, so perhaps best to have it indoors today I think.

Will try and do a bit more of my blogging website this afternoon, but mustn’t let it take over my life though! We have an invitation to a family gathering later this afternooon and should be fun, so we’ll see.

Bye for now.