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Saturday, 27 August, 2016

cESUHOCj_400x400Day 1. Here we go then! The blog website I’m started is all about Dorset, particularly West Dorset and the Jurassic Coast, and to promote visitors whether its day visits, weekends or longer summer Dorset holidays.

Decided on the name of my blogging website as VisitWestDorset and now trying out various themes and styles etc. Then it will be time to launch it.

Over time I’m sure it will change a bit, or more than likely, a lot! But, first things first, I need to start thinking about some content and images.

Not sure where I’m going with the blog at the moment. I decided not to have no plan, so I’m just going to enjoy creating and developing it and then see where it takes me. I do like clean, user friendly and navigable sites so that is what this will be.

But now it’s late, I’m tired and so I think it’s time for bed and I’ll give it some thought tomorrow.

Bye for now.

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